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Tintola  &  Minyawoo Catteries

Blue Black & White Russians

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You have most probably by now selected a kitten, paid your deposit and are getting ready to come and pick up your kitten.


If this is  your first kitten the following list is a  suggestion  of what you might need to have on hand when you pick up your kitten:


When you arrive home with  your kitten they will most probably be nervous and off their food for a day or two, this is normal. Once the kitten is comfortable and is accustomed to their new home, they will be back to eating.


It is suggested that you leave  small portions of food and drink out for them, refreshing the bowls on a regular basis, and increasing size of the portions of food as their appetite improves.


At first we recommend you place their litter tray and bowls in your laundry or somewhere where you can close them in for the night whilst they get used to their new home.

When you collect your kitten you will be given  their registration certificate as well as their vaccination and their sterilization certificates.


You will require the sterilization certificate when you lifetime register your kitten  with your local council