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Blue Black & White Russians

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Aristocracy of the Cat World


So you want a playful loving companion - then you need a Russian

This is a cat for the connoisseur. It belongs to an old beautiful and comparatively rare breed that has enjoyed limited popularity during the last 80 - 90 years. Russian Blues are thought to originate in Russia and were at first called Archangel Cat

The Russian  has much to  recommend it. The temperament of the Russian cat is wonderful. They are gentle, playful and affectionate. It is an easy cat to manage, it has a small voice and is is not usually demanding. The breed is quiet and clean and has a good constitution. It is rather shy, home-loving and affectionate.


Russians are not prolific breeders with the average number of kittens in a litter being three or four.   Queens (mums) usually have their kittens without trouble. The kittens are very sweet, and can adapt to any way of life, from the quiet lifestyle of an adult home , to the exuberance of a family home.

As with a lot of animals males are bigger than females, they are handsome and elegant  cats and can be extremely companionable pets when neutered.


Blue (grey)is the traditional colour of the Russian but black and white Russians are becoming better known.


The coat of the Russian is plush & lustrous, it is short, made up of a top coat of normal length soft fur with a thick short undercoat.  This causes the upper coat to stand away from from the body - in the richness of winter at an angle up to 45 degrees, it has a soft springy resilience and topped with a glorious silver sheen. Eyes should be vivid green (although when born they are blue) set rather wide apart and almond shaped